Social Data Science

We decode human behavior in Social Networks.

Our service helps companies or government to monitor, analyze and interpret people's motivations and interests, discover trends and insights, allowing them to make better decisions and develop communication strategies based on Social Data Science.

Our Company

TWIGDATA is the information cell that provides brands or government, creative agencies, marketing and product areas to meet the needs for valuable information for decision making. Our team has solid knowledge in social analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data. We have helped organizations around the world design and implement digital communication strategy, transforming data into new business opportunities.

Audience Insights

Customer analysis

Understanding their customer genome provides brands and public figures key insights to connect with its audience.As the use of social networks keeps growing, it becomes increasingly normal to share our lives online. This leaves information traces that brands can take advantage of to better connect with their customers.

Audience analysis

Discovering shared interests and influencers among their audience sets the foundation to more engaging campaigns.Knowing the audience, and segmenting it from multiple criteria - including social profiles, political ideology, relationships and conversations- helps deliver highly targeted, highly relevant, user-based content.

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Social media performance

Digital Presence

The only way to acknowledge whether the targets were reached or not is to quantify them. Our platforms are powerful ad hoc analytics tools, adapted to the continuing evolution of social media networks and to the requirements of each brand or public figure.

Campaign analysis

Our metrics are tailored with your communication plan goals in mind. If each communication strategy is unique, then having a measurement platform that works in every situation whatsoever is unheard-of. Indeed, even the same indicator may have different interpretations according to the market, industry or target audience of each campaign.

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Market Research

Competitive analysis

Benchmarking your competitor’s metrics is a great idea, but it’s even better to explore what they communicate, and whether it works or not. We provide smart data-driven benchmark reports that allow brands to see how their social efforts stack up against their competitors.

Online reputation management

Our online reputation management services are designed to shield brand’s image deep into the world of search results, social media, and beyond. With each passing day, the online world becomes enmeshed with the rest of our activities, which means there are more and more ways for companies to receive an online mark, positive or negative.

Twigdata Radar

Capture the conversations and meet the most relevant users, help us maximize the personalization of our communication strategy.

Real-time monitoring of comments, trends and opinions on networks and social media is an essential service for any business or government today. Twigdata Radar allows our customers to go one step further and turn social conversations into valuable business information for decision-making. Listening in real time to what people say about your brand, your products and your competition allows you to stay one step ahead of the social web. It is in this context that it is necessary to give value to the concept of Data Science to detect what the problems are and how they can be solved.

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Twigdata Trendium

Social agenda that defines current issues with greater impact in digital media and social networks.

Trendium is a powerful engine of Artificial Intelligence which applies different techniques of semantic analysis to the contents, and algorithms that detect the correlations between the main keywords, their motivators, and the associated feeling, to discover the true importance that society gives To each theme. Based on the volume and acceleration in the conversation that take place in social networks and in the digital media itself.

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Twigdata Boost

We act in real time on the conversations that happen related to interests of our clients.

The power of peer influence and word of mouth marketing is one of the most effective tools that today a company or government can take advantage of. Twigdata Boost allows our clients to identify and understand influential critics, conduct social conversations and the commitment they have with their brand, in order to participate in a more personal way as in real life.

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